Strategic Objectives

To provide adaptive surf sessions to children and young people with disabilities and neurodivergence, during Spring to Autumn, working with local charities and specialist schools

To deliver our Mind Body Blue Space programme during Spring to Autumn, to community groups including parents/carers of disabled children, LGBTQ+, victims of domestic abuse, left-behind areas and areas identified as being of low socioeconomic status

To deliver Mind Body Balance and Theraplay programmes to children and young people year-round, working in collaboration with specialist schools, local authorities and CAMHS

To deliver tailored adaptive surf and SUP sessions to children with physical disabilities using adapted equipment, to cater for as wide a range of children as possible

To provide holistic surf coaching to individuals and groups, utilising funding from the Groundswell Community Project

Organisational Ethos and Culture

Our culture is derived from our values, where we prioritise ubiquitous access to services for those most at need, we build and grow our organisation, its deliverables and outcomes. We allow organic growth in a measured and affordable way, holding our clients’ wellbeing as the key measure to our success.

Maintaining and growing our nurturing environment that brings communities together and maintaining subsequent connections through ongoing community engagement.

We respect and honour the beaches and seas in which we deliver our work, and we strive to keep our costs and overheads, including staff rates, as low and competitive as possible in order to maximise the yield for our clients.

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